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Epson, the number-one selling projector brand worldwide, creates innovative projection technologies for business, education, rental and staging, and the home. Incorporating industry-leading 3LCD technology, Epson offers installation, interactive and portable projectors designed to deliver quality, reliability and cost-effective performance. To learn more, please visit:

Model: ELPCS01

Take the show on the road with the Epson ELPCS01 Mobile Projector Cart. Designed exclusively for use with PowerLite® 810E/815E extreme short throw projector (sold separately).
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Golf Pro Delivered Transforms Plain Spaces Into Immersive Golf Simulator Experiences with Epson Projectors
Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Golf Pro Delivered Transforms Plain Spaces Into Immersive Golf Simulator Experiences with Epson Projectors

Epson Projectors Bring Vivid Colors and Detail to Create Impactful Golf Experiences for Residential, Corporate and Hospitality

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. – Feb. 13, 2024 – Golf Pro Delivered has built a business around creating impactful and impressive custom golf simulators across residential, corporate and hospitality locations. As one of the top golf simulator installers in the country, Golf Pro Delivered constructs immersive displays that envelop users in a realistic golf experience. In need of commercial-grade projectors that seamlessly integrate with golf simulator technology and deliver eye-popping color and high brightness, Golf Pro Delivered works closely with the Epson team to identity the ideal 3-chip 3LCD projector solution based on the parameters of each installation.

"The golf simulator industry has really taken off in recent years and I've learned so much in the last seven years as a professional golf simulator installer," said Jeff Wibben, founder and CEO, Golf Pro Delivered. "To succeed in this business, you need to be a master of many things – golf, technology, construction, and interior design. An extensive amount of detail goes into each golf simulator build and one of the most important aspects is projection technology, as it makes the experience more captivating for golfers. Thankfully, we connected with the Epson team early on, who took the time to teach us about projection even though we were just a small company."

With a market that is expected to reach a value of $3.4 billion by 2030, golf simulators have become increasingly popular both in personal installations and commercial settings. From corporate event rentals and residential installations to charity events, indoor golf clubs and restaurants, Golf Pro Delivered has created a name for themselves in serving this growing industry.

"Since we started working with Epson, its projectors have been incredibly reliable, cost effective and easy to install, and they consistently deliver outstanding image quality in comparison to other projector brands we've seen," said Wibben. "In the golf simulator industry, customers want that 'wow-factor' image on their 16-foot-wide screens, which isn't easy to do; Epson delivers the perfect combination of everything we're looking for in a projector to help achieve this. From flexible throw ranges to high-lumen laser and 3-chip 3LCD technology, with Epson projectors we are able to avoid flicker on our high-speed cameras and take advantage of the enhanced resolution to ensure crisp and clear visuals for customers."

Providing an opportunity to enjoy a range of golf courses from around the world or practice on the range any time of the day – rain or shine – there are key elements that every golf simulator needs in order to provide a quality experience. This includes golf simulation software, an appropriate amount of space, a launch monitor, and of course an extra-large screen and projector to achieve full immersion on the course.

"Companies like Golf Pro Delivered are driving the golf simulator industry forward," said Philip Tierney, product manager, Epson America, Inc. "With the goal of creating realistic golf experiences without needing to set foot on the greens, we are honored that Golf Pro Delivered has chosen Epson projectors to bring the key visual element of their setups to life with bright, immersive images for their clients."

Epson's projector image quality, extensive range of lenses and throw ratio options have enabled Golf Pro Delivered to provide vivid displays and work more efficiently with complicated installations where different space restraints and ceiling heights need to be taken into consideration. "With the continued support and technology from key partners like Epson, our business has grown 25 times over the past five years alone, and we look forward to continued success together for years to come," adds Wibben.

About Epson Projectors for Golf Simulators

Epson projectors offer a vivid, immersive experience for golf simulators in a home, country club or event space. Epson's proprietary 3-chip 3LCD technology provides full-time red, green and blue color for incredible detail, brightness and color accuracy. Epson's wide range of throw ratios, including short-throw projectors, help prevent shadowing and integrate seamlessly into custom golf simulator designs. Epson's lineup of compact projectors allows for flexible projector placement, even in small spaces, to create ultra-bright, larger-than-life images. For more information, visit