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At Williams AV, we aim to empower connections by eliminating communication barriers. As a leader in the Pro AV industry for more than 45 years, we continuously redefine audio accessibility, promote cross-language communication, and foster seamless communication. Our mission is to provide organizations with the solutions and support they need to create inclusive environments.

Model: DL104

The Digi-Loop 104 Induction Loop Amplifier, designed for small spaces up to 919ft² (250 m²), extends hearing support to those with t-coil-enabled hearing aids and cochlear implants.
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Williams AV Debuts New Digi-Wave AIM at InfoComm 2023
Posted on Monday, June 12, 2023
Williams AV Debuts New Digi-Wave AIM at InfoComm 2023

Digi-Wave AIM (Advanced Interpretation Module), a portable digital communication system, includes new features to support growing interpretation demand in the Pro AV market.

Eden Prairie, MN, June 12, 2023 – Williams AV, the leading provider of assistive communication technology for the professional AV industry, will debut the newest member of its portable, wireless digital product family – Digi-Wave AIM transceiver, at InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, Florida. Digi-Wave AIM, AIM standing for Advanced Interpretation Module, was developed due to the growing customer demand for a feature-rich, portable language interpretation solution to support a variety of bilingual and multilingual scenarios. 

While the current Digi-Wave 400 transceivers include an interpretation mode, the new Digi-Wave AIM transceiver streamlines two-way interpretation and includes advanced functionality customers have requested. The AIM mode includes all of the current features of the Digi-Wave 400 series, including intercom and courtroom modes, and now comes with a new Q&A mode for easy question-and-answer sessions.

This makes it perfect for international meetings and bilingual tours, with the ability to switch between two languages and multiple open mics for each language. Built with flexibility in mind, the new AIM mode features: 

Interpretation Q&A mode – easy to switch between two languages and allows for multiple open mics for each language.

Interpretation 24 channels mode – the most channels among comparable devices

Customized channel naming – customizable with up to 5 characters or select from one of the 100 available ISO language codes

Subgroup feature – allows interpretation groups to be divided into subsets of channels

Control function – allows administrators the ability to program channel names and subgroups offline

The Digi-Wave AIM transceiver is compatible with Digi-Wave 400 receivers with firmware version 1.3.0 or higher. Receivers needing a firmware update can do so through Williams AV for a fee. Additionally, for a fee, current Digi-Wave 400 transceivers can be upgraded to include the AIM functionality through Williams AV.