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At Williams AV, we aim to empower connections by eliminating communication barriers. As a leader in the Pro AV industry for more than 45 years, we continuously redefine audio accessibility, promote cross-language communication, and foster seamless communication. Our mission is to provide organizations with the solutions and support they need to create inclusive environments.

Model: DL104

The Digi-Loop 104 Induction Loop Amplifier, designed for small spaces up to 919ft² (250 m²), extends hearing support to those with t-coil-enabled hearing aids and cochlear implants.
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Williams AV Announces New Products Showcased at ISE 2023
Posted on Sunday, January 15, 2023
Williams AV Announces New Products Showcased at ISE 2023

Eden Prairie, MN January 15, 2023 – Williams AV, the leader in assistive communication technology, announced its technology lineup for ISE 2023 in Barcelona. Williams AV is again exhibiting with partner Ampetronic at the show and showcasing the following must-see technology in stand 3B900.  View an interactive map of the Williams AV and Ampetronic ISE 2023 now. 

Williams AV Wi-Fi Assistive Communication Technology.

Williams AV was the first to offer dedicated Wi-Fi technology for accessibility in 2016 with its WaveCAST™ system. Since then, the company has continued to enhance the capabilities of its Pro-AV Wi-Fi offerings and will showcase its suite of WaveCAST products at the show. 

NEW WaveCAST™ C Real-Time Audio Over Wi-Fi Transmitter.

Announced in the Summer of 2023, the WaveCAST C will debut at ISE. The new WaveCAST C, built on a hardware-based DSP, is designed for pro-audio applications where high-quality sound is required. It integrates with third-party room control systems allowing AV professionals to control and monitor the unit using Telnet commands via Ethernet.

New WAV Pro Wi-Fi Receiver.

The new WAV Pro Wi-Fi Receiver launched in December 2022 and will also debut at the show. The WAV Pro Wi-Fi Receiver is designed to work with the full suite of Williams AV Wi-Fi products, including the WaveCAST C and dual technology products FM and Wi-Fi and Infrared and Wi-Fi products. The receiver is a new mobile device optimized for use as assistive listening device. It features a 6.8″ HD+ Infinity display for easier readability for administrators during setup and end-users when using the device. In addition, the 6000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery delivers up to 40 hours of continuous audio streaming in normal use conditions, reducing charging frequency.

New Hearing Loss Station.

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 20% of the global population lives with hearing loss. Visitors to the stand can experience what hearing loss sounds like using Starkey's hearing loss simulator. Starkey, a global hearing technology company, created the simulator to recreate what mild to severe hearing loss sounds like in a variety of situations while visually seeing the missing speech sounds people with hearing loss experience. 

New Ampetronic A Series Hearing Loop Driver (A3-1, A5-1)

The new A series hearing loop amplifiers combine simplicity with Ampetronic's renowned performance and quality. The amplifiers, designed to be easy and quick to set up, features built-in test tones, a first for amplifiers of this class which facilitates the commissioning process of hearing loop systems. The A3-1 and A5-1 feature an output current of 3A and 5A RMS, respectively, with a voltage output of 6.5V RMS, and two line/mic selectable inputs are available with 24V phantom power if required. In addition, the amplifiers include Euroblock screw terminal connections or a more practical installation. 

New Ampetronic Wall-Mounted Multi-Loop Driver (W5-2)

Ampetronic is adding a multi-loop driver to its wall-mounted hearing loop solutions. The W5-2 features 5A RMS output per channel and is designed to provide a cost-effective solution for smaller spaces that require a wall-mounted, multi-loop solution. The voltage headroom per channel is 7.8V RMS. Class D operation ensures increased efficiency and lower power consumption, contributing to low running and maintenance costs. Built-in test tones also facilitate the commissioning process. Two line/mic selectable inputs are available together with a 100V input to allow users to connect the amplifiers to a 100-volt line system directly. 24V phantom power is also selectable for the mic inputs.