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Soundcraft USA - AVIOM A-NET® 16 Card
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16 Mono Signal Option Card To Digitally Feed An Aviom A-Net Pro-16 Chain

Model: AVIOM A-NET® 16 Card

Part #: A520.004000SP.

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By adding option cards to the Si range of digital consoles, you can interface your desk with a multitude of analogue and digital systems, whilst expanding I/O count beyond that of the standard console configuration. Routing to and from the option cards is achieved via the 'Patching' functionality on the console. Further cards are always in development and will provide various solutions for interfacing onto emerging networks or devices. This card allows the desk to digitally feed an Aviom A-Net Pro-16 chain. With this standard, 16 mono signals can be fed to any number of Aviom personal mixers (such as the A-16 II), connected in a daisy chain configuration. The A-Net card will be the start of the chain and provide the audio and synchronization data to the chain.

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