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CrewWare - System Management Software for CrewCom

Series: CrewCom

Model: CrewWare

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Key Features:
CrewWare has the ability to operate in either an Offline or an Online mode. Offline mode provides the ability to create system layouts without affecting system operation, while in Online mode complete system monitoring and real-time control in “live” environments is possible.

Offline Operation:
Drag-and-drop CrewCom® devices and draw connections to graphically build and layout your network-based system. Once completed, save and edit configuration files to preserve all of its information. As a way of providing useful system documentation, CrewWare can also print a hard copy of your entire system and its connectivity.

Online Operation:
During online devices. Other Important Features: Monitor and control wireless Radio Packs in real time. Diagnostics View system error alerts and event logging lists. Debug any device on the CrewNet network in real time. Receive software prompts as you physically add and remove different system components in the CrewNet network.

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