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Posted on Wednesday, June 2, 2010
MEDIA VISION USA REVEILS THE NEW HCS-8310D DELEGATE UNIT USING MIC LINE ARRAY San Francisco, CA, June 2, 2010 – Media Vision USA will display, for the first time at InfoComm 2010 Booth #C7396, the TAIDEN 8300 Series Conference Solution, including the new HCS-8310D/C Delegate/Chairman Unit. This solution uses TAIDEN’s newest technology, CongressMatrix™, adding several new features for audio processing and distribution. The 8310D Delegate Units, with versatile features, are excellent for use in council chambers, boardrooms, auditoriums, and any other application requiring high quality sound and discreet aesthetics in the meeting.

This contribution unit removes the gooseneck microphone and replaces it with a mic array that has a longer pick up pattern and a more subtle appearance. However the features remain the same on the HCS-8310D as are available from the existing line of contribution units. Features like electronic voting, simultaneous interpretation of up to 64 languages, and of course a variety of operation modes to manage the meeting’s audio.

The HCS-8310D uses two built-in speakers for improved audio performance at the unit. Standard headphone jacks are available at either side of the unit as is volume control for the hearing impaired or for listening to the appropriate language channel.

“Goosenecks can sometimes be an eyesore, especially in a VTC (video teleconference) boardroom,” says Fardad Zabetian, President and CEO of Media Vision USA, “The new HCS-8310 gives users the option to have a Push-to-Talk conference system that is also aesthetically pleasing to the camera.”

“Previously our offerings had been limited for users that wanted to remove the gooseneck,” added Wesley Sutliff, Product Manager of Media Vision USA, “The 8310D and the 8310C offer the same robust feature set that our previous models had, but with an entirely new look. This contribution unit will be excellent for applications where a gooseneck simply will not do.”

The new 8300 Series Conference System also introduces the HCS-8307D, a delegate microphone unit with a 7” touch panel interface and a built in video camera. This delegate unit offers a powerful interface for control and display over meeting functions.

Information on the TAIDEN HCS-8310D is available throughout the existing Media Vision USA representation network in North America

About Media Vision USA Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Media Vision USA is the lead provider of conference microphone discussion systems, electronic voting, and simultaneous interpretation to the audio-visual industry. Media Vision USA has provided state of the art systems for such customers as colleges, city councils, banks, corporate boardrooms, and auditoriums. Additional information can be found at