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Media Vision Launches an Online Shop for its Assistive Listening Line
Posted on Friday, April 29, 2022
Media Vision Launches an Online Shop for its Assistive Listening Line

May 3, 2022 - 'Hear' it is—now only a click away; as of May 2022, Media Vision's Assistive Listening Systems are available to order from the Media Vision website. 

Launched in 2016 by popular client demand, the solution line represented a first expansion into the manufacturing world for a brand with such a rich but specialized conferencing catalog. Six years since Media Vision's founder made the first Assistive Listening order delivery in person, these effective and low-cost devices continue to epitomize the company's core value: 'Audio Matters'. And now, thanks to the creation of Media Vision's Online Shop, they're even easier for clients to obtain.

What makes Media Vision's ALS solutions unique?

Specialized technology underpins Media Vision's Assistive Listening systems. Operating in the FCC designated frequency band 72-76 MHz—using all available wideband and narrowband channels—Media Vision's solutions allow up to six simultaneous transmissions. Programming, channel assignments and settings lock can be done either from the transmitters and receivers with clear OLED display for menu navigation, or from a user-friendly software interface. The systems offer greater than 70 dB SNR to provide the user with clear audio in any environment. 

But what truly sets the line apart from others is the energy-efficient 'auto off' feature; if the system's units are not being used and the transmitter is not transmitting, the receivers themselves will recognize this and turn off. This easily preserves the system's batteries, making life much easier for end users. 

What's included in Media Vision's Online Shop? 

Media Vision's Assistive Listening product line includes all-in-one feature packages for both stationary and portable solutions; portable and fixed rack-mountable transmitters, compact receivers powered by standard AA alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries with removable belt clip or lanyard carrying options, charging stations with storage cases, as well as microphones, headphones, and a neckloop compatible with telecoil-equipped hearing aids. And all at a competitive price. 

"With this product line, Media Vision delivers a high-quality audio solution offering flexibility to AV systems installation providers," says Annabelle Zabetian, President of Media Vision. "The portability of FM systems makes them popular with public meeting facilities that need to meet ADA requirements, including classrooms, theaters, and houses of worship. Bringing the line to our Online Shop is a strategic move to better facilitate the ordering of ALS devices for these organizations." 

To find out more about which venues are required to provide Assistive Listening solutions for the public, see Media Vision's in-depth guide to ADA compliance.