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INOGENI designs and manufactures products to enhance your video conferencing with multiple cameras and video sources, easily. Our products are proudly made In Canada. INOGENI products enable highly stable, seamless and premium AV conferencing experiences. Our video device include Mixers, Switchers, Capture card and converter (SDI, VDI, HDMI, VGA to USB) and BYOM for Cisco Webex Room Series.

Model: CAM230

The INOGENI CAM230 is a USB and HDMI multi-camera switcher that helps improve meeting equity in virtual meetings.
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Achieve meeting equity with ClickShare + TOGGLE
Posted on Friday, December 9, 2022
Achieve meeting equity with ClickShare + TOGGLE

Dec. 9, 2022 - For fast, productive videoconferences, no meeting room today can afford to limit quick and easy access to equipment. A guest or colleague must have the ease of using their own laptop and Teams or the videoconferencing system (e.g. Webex or Zoom Rooms), all while taking control of the room's cameras, microphones and speakers in a microsecond. This ensures fluidity and fairness in videoconference meetings. This is what meeting equity is all about!

INOGENI's TOGGLE connected to a Barco ClickShare system enables meeting flexibility with easy switching between the videoconference room PC and your laptop. Use INOGENI's TOGGLE and the Barco Clickshare wireless system connected to the videoconference system. They can easily be switched from one to another to access the professional equipment in a room.

In today's world, equipment and platform conundrums have become glaringly apparent. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) setups may have become the new norms, whether for activity-based work or HyFlex education; however, tech failures are still too common. These, in turn, reduce the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and overall experience of collaboration and learning alike.

How to operate INOGENI's TOGGLE USB 3.0 Switcher + Barco ClickShare

BYOM switching for high-quality USB devices (camera, speakerphone)

Wireless conferencing and presentation systems, such as BARCO's ClickShare Conference (CX-20, CX-30 and CX-50), offer a hassle-free means of providing a more enhanced meeting, collaboration and learning environment for participants. Users can easily “plug and play” their devices to the system without the headaches, making BYOD more of a breeze. But to switch the system to the laptop videoconference system, you need the TOGGLE, to transfer all USB devices to the laptop via Barco ClickShare. You just need to click on the PAD system (because the TOGGLE is controllable by RS-232) or use the TOGGLE push button switch.

Add complete BYOM capabilities by integrating TOGGLE with your Barco and videoconference system.

Adding the AV-Awards-winning TOGGLE will enable free switching to BYOM meetings from the videoconferencing system. The TOGGLE can also increase the number of cameras (with the SHARE2U mixer or the CAM300 video cameras selector) or other active USB devices (speakerphone, or conferencing video Bar) for a more engaged BYOM/BYOD experience.

Collaboration between experts, professionals or students requires the integration of more cameras. As a result, users find themselves dealing with more sophisticated content sharing. The use of multiple devices and complex setups means conferencing and presentation systems require an AV arsenal in addition to their toolkits to make every experience truly seamless and immersive. This is why INOGENI has developed and tested all its products to be perfectly compatible with the ClickShare system as well as other videoconferencing systems and cameras.

INOGENI's mixers, switchers and converters offer complete compatibility with ClickShare solutions

INOGENI has developed simple yet ahead-of-the-curve solutions that easily connect with and control, without any latency, all the conferencing equipment in a room—multiple cameras as well as the conference system video and audio sources to the wireless ClickShare Conference system. Let's look into them a little more closely.

SHARE2 and SHARE2U, a flexible hardware mixer for multi I/O capture, and CAM300, an advanced multiple camera selector, optimize your ClickShare Conference like never before. Both devices enable video with audio capture from up to three HDMI and USB camera sources for the SHARE2U and 4 for the CAM300. They feature an easy and intuitive mixer control with picture-in-picture and split functions. Less hardware complexity. No drivers are required. No complicated setups are needed for your ClickShare Conference!

Capture HDMI cameras and send them to your Barco ClickShare

Use our USB capture converters for HDMI cameras such as Lumens, Sony, Minray, Panasonic, Vadio or PTZ.

4K2USB3, 4KXUSB3, and HD2USB3 converters expand your ClickShare Conference's versatility and require no drivers. They are the most reliable and convenient tools to capture uncompressed video and audio from your HDMI equipment and send them to your ClickShare Conference system.

Capture SDI cameras and send them to your Barco ClickShare

Use our USB capture converters for SDI cameras like Marshall, Sony, Panasonic, Vadio or PTZ.

The SDI2USB3 converter is the most accessible and reliable tool for capturing uncompressed 3GSDI video with embedded audio to your ClickShare Conference system. No driver installation is required! It features a 3GSDI input with active loop output and supports SD and HD video formats, up to 1080p60.