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Crestron offers the only complete end-to-end solution with a complete line of hardware and software. Crestron not only connects and controls devices; we integrate and automate all the building systems to provide a connected experience. We deliver integrated solutions for audio, video, IP, lighting and climate control making wiring and installations easier and promoting system integrity.


The AMP-PNMK plenum kit connects AC power to the IEC C14 AC power inlet of a compatible Crestron X-Series audio amplifier, allowing the amplifier to meet the necessary plenum rating requirements.
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How Smart Home Technology Can Improve Your Life
Posted on Monday, September 6, 2021
How Smart Home Technology Can Improve Your Life

Sept. 6, 2021 - There's nothing homeowners desire more than to have a safe, comfortable, and secure home. Thanks to the evolution of technology, this desire is now within reach for most homeowners', as evidenced by the numbers: the residential automation system market in 2020 was $40.8B and is expected to grow to $63.2B by 2025.

What is smart home technology?

A true smart home system works seamlessly with other technologies across the home including, but not limited to, security cameras, smart door locks, the HVAC system, shades, lighting, audio and video distribution, outdoor and landscaping controls, and pool/spa controls. It gets even better – the homeowner can control everything in the home from a single app on their mobile device, instead of having to deal with multiple apps to control different things.

To successfully deploy a smart home system and to establish a smooth long-term experience for the homeowner, it's critical to rely on fully trained and certified home technology experts for the design, installation, and support.

How can it improve your life?

Less worrying, more peace of mind

With smart home technology, you'll know your home is safe, secure, and reliable. When you're away on vacation, you can rest easy by the blue turquoise waters knowing your home will continue its daily automated routines, such as raising (or lowering) the shades and turning lights on (or off), to help keep potential intruders away. In case an unwelcome visitor does stops by while you're away, your home technology expert can implement specific security actions to take place.

Greater convenience

The prospect of having to navigate multiple apps to control your home can be overwhelming. Not to mention, apps are subject to a constant stream of updates and changes. With a true smart home system, you can control your entire home (or several homes) with a single app from anywhere in the world.

Streamlining habits and rituals

As humans are creatures of habit, smart home technology can simplify our lives by automating routines.

Whether we take notice or not, we typically follow a specific sequence of actions each morning or evening. An example of a morning routine might be opening the shades, turning on the lights, adjusting the thermostat, and then playing bossa nova while enjoying a cappuccino. This sequence of actions can be automated with a simple tap on a “Good Morning” button on the touch screen sitting on your nightstand, or in the app running on your mobile device, or even with a voice command. This can free up more time to do the things you love and enjoy.

Improved health and wellness

Smart home technology can also improve your life by programming specific components, such as lighting, to follow your very own circadian rhythm. Imagine that – having a home so personalized that it contributes to your overall health and wellness. Need I say more?

Final thoughts

The above only scratches the surface of how smart home technology can improve your life. At Crestron, our goal is to innovate automation solutions that transform the way you live, to make your day-to-day tasks easier, and to make you feel more comfortable and secure in your home.

If you'd like to experience The Crestron Difference and learn more about our smart home solutions, please book a tour here at any of our design showroom locations. We are in New York City, Ft. Lauderdale, and Houston. We are open by appointment only, whether in person, or virtual, we would be happy to accommodate you!

By Sonia Hernandez