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To take its client experience beyond impersonal ATM interactions to multi-faceted branch experiences, Florida's GTE Financial invested in mobile self-service Kiosks as part of an overall re-imagining of one of their locations. Complete with digital signage from NanoLumens, the resulting in-branch experience is revolutionizing how GTE approaches retail banking.

GTE kicked off this upgrade by moving their Tampa location to a new facility with a more intelligently designed floor plan. This 'smart space' approach reduced overall foot traffic, creating a more intimate and engaging member experience.

With the goal of a more personal yet high-tech experience, GTE implemented a well thought out combination of technology and people. AV partner Codigo was contacted to provide added audio and visual elements to the space, including a large format digital display from NanoLumens.

The Process

Concept and Goals

Central to the architectural integrity of the branch is a support beam surrounded by a circular soffit in the middle of the space. Though many designers would choose to work around it, NanoLumens and Codigo saw it as an opportunity.

“Utilizing a curved display was the ideal way to capitalize on this unique structural element that we at first saw as an obstacle,” says Zurbrick. “The NanoWrap display was an absolutely perfect solution to the architectural structure and construction limitations we had to work with in this particular space.”

The Product

When adding a display to the circular soffit, the NanoWrap was the ideal product. These displays are designed to fit any curvature, down to an 18” radius, and to completely wrap a column, offering a cylindrical solution with 360 degrees of display space. With NanoLumens’ flexible Nixels and precise engineering, the displays are built to offer a smooth, consistent display surface without bezels.

The 4mm pixel pitch NanoWrap designed and built for this project is approximately 2 feet tall with a 10 foot diameter, offering almost 64 square feet of display space using 4mm pixel pitch Nixels.

In addition to the hardware, software and content are both essential elements to a digital signage project. Codigo’s digital signage software allows the credit union to remotely control all the screens in the new location, as well as all screens throughout GTE’s branches. Codigo’s software also offers a wide-range of customizable content designs which GTE has at their disposal, if needed.

For content, GTE Financial decided to keep production in house, but NanoLumens and Codigo were happy to help in whichever way was needed. NanoLumens’ sales engineers provided content maps for the displays to ensure that content could be designed to properly fit the display.


GTE also looked to Codigo and NanoLumens to provide installation services for the entire project. The team collaborated with another Louisville-based company, Trinity Video Communications, to help oversee the installation of NanoLumen’s curved display, video wall, large-format kiosks, and digital signage screens.

The trio of companies teamed up to complete the whole project in just four days. According to John Beauchamp, Codigo’s Project Leader on the installation, the curved display was quick and easy to install. “I thought the curved display may take a while to install, but when I arrived onsite the first day, it was basically finished. If it weren’t for NanoLumens doing all the upfront calculations for the soffit design, we may have been there a lot longer. They definitely made it easy.”

The Payoff

“The NanoLumens’ digital display is highly visible from nearly every angle, whether you’re standing in the location or just passing by outside, so our goal was for it to be vibrant and attract people. We want to attract members who pass our location. It’s extremely visible and very aesthetically catching, and we’ve gotten great feedback from our members and the public,” said Zurbrick.

The last step in this transformation was to look beyond the physical banking center, and at the mindset of GTE’s staff. Zurbrick says that “In order for us to maximize the time spent with our members, we needed to transition from the old transactional mindset to a new sales and service approach.

Beyond hardware functionality and return on objective for the GTE, it is essential for NanoLumens and Codigo that GTE Financial be happy with their products and installation, and that ongoing use of added digital signage continues to be an asset, not a time-consuming liability.

NanoLumens 6 year Zero-Failure warranty also helps to add security and peace of mind to the installation for GTE Financial and for Codigo. The warranty guarantees the display’s performance, down to a single pixel, relieving worry of maintenance or problems down the road. “Working with NanoLumens on this project has been an absolute pleasure. From the quality of their products to the responsiveness of their people, NanoLumens is everything we look for in a partner,” says Brian Nutt, CEO of Codigo. “Together we helped a mutual customer transform its banking center and accomplish its goal, and for us, that’s what it’s all about.”