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With over 44 million passengers traveling through the Toronto-Pearson airport each year, the airport management set out to transform their terminals into memorable experiences rather than just another hallway to pass through on the way in and out of the city. To empower their travelers, Toronto Pearson Airport sought to fill their busiest terminal with a uniquely artistic structure that was sure to deliver the impression that the city of Toronto deserved. The installation that the airport envisioned would capture travelers’ attention, slowing them down to enjoy the display and atmosphere that the artwork brought to the terminal. However, to bring their vision to life, Toronto-Pearson needed a partner that could provide a display with more than just a standard screen, but the ability to invoke true artistic inspiration.


While the displays that Toronto envisioned needed to be functional, they also required an artistic touch to attract viewers, including curved surfaces with intricate, unique configurations. Among LED manufacturers, NanoLumens is the only company that can create seamless curved displays that Toronto Pearson needed to complete their artistic centerpiece for the airport. And because the installation would be an integral part of the airport’s 24/7 operating environment, it was imperative that the displays be reliable and durable under continuous use. NanoLumens recognized those needs and was prepared to provide a state-of-art display for Toronto-Pearson Airport.


The display that sits in Terminal 1 today is known as “The Flower.” Through collaboration, innovation, and thorough planning, NanoLumens constructed the eye-catching display their client envisioned for the terminal in partnership with ICON, formally known as Gridcast Media Inc. The Flower is comprised of four LED backlit “petals” that arch up and out of the center, each outfitted with a 6’x12’ NanoLumens curved 5.4 mm pixel pitch display that matches the petal’s arch and provides a unique, immersive information display. The petals are made by ICON using their translucent Corian®, Corian®, with multi-colored LEDs inside each petal, providing endless opportunities for daily customization, such as patterns or color changing ability. NanoLumens gives the creative license back to the architects and designers to innovate beyond the limitations of the traditional, rectangle boxes used for digital displays of yesterday.


"Let’s meet at ‘The Flower’” is common phrase among passengers looking for a meeting spot in the hectic airport. Combined with information desks and kiosks, the area draws in travelers to gather before boarding a flight or exiting to explore the spectacular city of Toronto. In these moments, the display serves as a first impression for Toronto, and it represents the city well. Airport management is pleased with how the display has transformed the customer experience and behavior in the terminal while filling the room with an upscale ambiance. Where the space used to be a breezeway for people coming and going, passengers physically slow their pace to enjoy the company of those that are with them and admire the artwork that commands the room, extending the time typically spent in the airport. 


Infusing functionality and art with the four, 6’x12’ NanoLumens curved 5.4 mm pixel pitch displays within a flower-like structure enables Toronto-Pearson Airport to capture travelers’ attention from all angles within the space. In addition, the 360-degree “halo” display below the four petals measures 26’ in circumference and utilizes NanoLumens’ 4mm pixel pitch LED technology. Surrounding the displays themselves, ICON’s structure is what creates the flower-like art. ICON used their translucent Corian, with multi-colored LEDs inside each petal to allow endless customization depending on the time of year, holiday, or theme.