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From early in the morning to late at night, Penn Station is bustling with more than 300,000 daily commuters and visitors, generating thousands of touchpoints for advertisers. Penn Station recognized that they had a great opportunity to engage commuters with a double-sided digital display solution that delivers both advertising and travel information. However, Outfront Media, (the North American arm of the former CBS Outdoor), needed a partner that would make the installation seamless with little to no disruption to the Station’s operations. The display that the train station envisioned would capture even the busiest commuter’s attention.


In order to meet all installation requirements, the digital advertising surface needed to be elevated, brilliant, and yet not obstruct the flow of pedestrian traffic. This meant the solution had to be suspended from the ceiling. For a traditional projection system, tiled video wall, or plasma solution, this was going to require that there be an invasive retrofitting of the support structure for the ceiling.

Both Outfront and MTA agreed this was not a solution because of the disruption to commuter traffic and expense of retrofitting the ceiling to support the additional weight load. Outfront went to the market and asked for lightweight, vibrant and dependable digital delivery system to run advertising that could be implemented without the need for additional structural reinforcements. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) acknowledged that NanoLumens’ expertise with addressing the challenges was unique within the surveyed companies, plus their 6-Year warranty made them the ideal partner.


Advertisers won’t find a more captivating display solution than the Nixel Series® display that hangs directly over commuters’ heads as they travel through the Long Island Railroad corridor of Penn Station in New York City. The 4.5” thick, double-sided 145” Nixel Series LED display uses NanoLumens’ 4mm Nixel Series technology to deliver bright, crisp, clear images and video on a display that is seamless and bezel-free, making it one of the most powerful messaging platforms in Penn Station. The completed double-sided SMD LED solution weighs in at under 700 lbs, and with the purpose-engineered suspension system developed by NanoLumens’ engineers, the display can be hung with negligible impact on the support beams within the ceiling.


Since Penn Station’s installation, the display has continued to operate flawlessly, delivering advertising for Outfront Media’s customers and to the commuters of the LIR line with only periodic scheduled maintenance cleaning required.


Utilizing a 4.5” thick, double-sided 145” Nixel Series LED display, Penn Station is able to engage commuters traveling in either direction. The light-weight display allowed installation to occur with minimal disruption and without retrofitting the high traffic, train station.