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When Britomart looked to add digital displays that would increase advertising revenue, Britomart and QMS Media envisioned a visual experience for travelers exiting through the main platforms that they could not miss. Due to the historical significance of the Auckland train station, it was important that these tower-like displays complemented the architectural design of the transit station. However, they could not ignore the safety requirements that stood in their way. With the design and engineering challenges ahead, QMS Media was seeking a partner that would be up for the task.


QMS Media sought to create the premier digital advertising surface in all of the Auckland Transport rail line. The environment, typical of subterranean railway systems, has a high ambient particulate matter from brake dust, commuter traffic and other operating machinery.

Digital Place Solutions and NanoLumens were required to provide very specific product certification data for the display technology, including power consumption and fire ratings, to ensure the solution met New Zealand’s Federal regulations.

Having achieved all of Auckland Transport’s technological requirements, the deployment schedule was of critical importance. With Britomart Station being an active transport hub, the production, delivery and installation schedule needed to be executed in such a way so as to minimize disruption to commuter traffic. Additionally, there were aesthetic mandates put forth by Auckland Transit that required any signage addition to the station to blend well with the existing post-modernist architectural elements. Custom metal framing and coatings were employed by NanoLumens to match the period based architecture of Britomart’s interior.


The Britomart Station “twin towers” are comprised of two portrait 6mm Nixel Series™ displays that are mounted directly to elevator shafts on the main platform exits from the subway. Measuring 2.7m (W) x 4.8m (H), the displays provide a dominant media opportunity to impact 100% of the passengers exiting the busiest metro station in New Zealand.

In addition to the stringent environmental requirements, the wall-mounted solutions were required to be engineered to withstand years of high frequency and low amplitude vibration from passing trains. NanoLumens purpose-engineered a mounting solution to address these concerns. The mounting systems and framework for the displays were stress-tested and house certified prior to deployment.


The Britomart tower displays have exceeded expectations and continue to provide advertising revenue for the transit centre, elevating Auckland’s advertising to the next level. In the words of CEO Wayne Chapman, he comments, “These displays now provide some of the best advertising opportunities in New Zealand.” In terms of day-to-day maintenance, minimal cleaning is needed, despite typical subterranean railway environments.


The two portrait-style, 6mm Nixel Series LED displays dazzle visitors and commuters as they go up elevators to the main platform exits, making it impossible for viewers to miss. As a result of NanoLumens’ thorough planning, execution, and industry expertise, the installation met all of the engineering standards necessary to ensure a durable, reliable solution for years to come.