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The Beus Center for Law and Society (formerly known as the Arizona Center for Law and Society) is home to the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, as well as several other organizations. Located in an area of high foot traffic between academic buildings and student housing, the University recognized the Beus Center had the potential to serve as a campus crossroads for law students, undergrads, and tour groups of prospective Sun Devils. The University knew that in order for the Beus Center to achieve its true potential as a transformative community space, the building needed an eye-popping visual feature to capture the attention of pedestrians while keeping them updated on legal news and campus events.


The Beus Center serves as a nexus for all walks of campus life at Arizona State University, and as such, it was critical that the renovations engage and impress passersby. The University hoped the space could become a dynamic and social hub of information for any and all who crossed its path, but this dream proved easier said than done as a few obstacles quickly presented themselves. Arizona State University understood they needed to incorporate a space-defining visual display in order to foster a true community scene, but any visual feature would immediately find itself battling a formidable afternoon opponent, as the the Beus Center’s facade looks westward toward the brilliance of Arizona’s setting sun. Additionally, the structure of the Center required the display to execute a seamless 90-degree turn, as well as the ability to appear visually stunning to visitors both inside and outside the building. Demanding a versatile display solution that could outshine the sun while also adapting to the unique geometry of the space, every aspect of this project was one-of-a-kind.


To meet the challenge head on, NanoLumens partnered with Level 3 Audiovisual, an Arizona-based leader in audiovisual integration, with the goal of transforming the uninspiring Beus Center into the dynamic community gathering place Arizona State dreamed it could be. In order to command the attention of passing pedestrians, the team quickly understood they needed a display solution brilliant enough to transcend the massive windows framing the Beus Center’s first floor lobby while remaining versatile enough to accommodate both the building’s geometry and the setting of the sun. With this in mind, it became clear that NanoLumens’ Nixel SeriesTM display was the only option. In the expert opinion of Kris Jonson of Level 3 AV, the way the Nixel SeriesTM bested the unique challenge of the Beus Center is “simply not possible with any other technology.” The vibrant NanoLumens display is 33 feet wide by 11.5 feet tall, and features a 4mm pixel pitch that appears visually dazzling from within the lobby as well as out. NanoLumens also included a sensor that measures ambient light throughout the day and automatically adjusts the brightness of the display accordingly.


Today, the Beus Center has transformed into a meeting spot where law students, undergrads, and the general public can gather to socialize, study, and update themselves on the latest news. Level 3 AV’s Kris Jonson believes the driving force behind the Beus Center realizing its potential as a lively campus crossroads is clear, stating that, “the impact this NanoLumens Nixel SeriesTM display makes on people walking by really can’t be overstated.” Thanks to the versatility and adaptability of the Nixel SeriesTM display, the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law is better able to pursue its mission of engaging and educating the community about the legal system. The display not only adjusts its brilliance based on the level of sunlight, but it also possesses the ability to split screens to showcase different styles of content. Yet another advantage to the NanoLumens Nixel SeriesTM display is the ease with which it is maintained. With a six-year warranty that covers each display down to the individual pixel, the Nixel SeriesTM features are also fully front-serviceable, so any necessary maintenance can be conducted much more quickly and easily than with other display technologies.


Using NanoLumens patented flexible NixelTM technology, Arizona State was able to blanket the Beus Center’s front lobby walls with a 33’ x 11.5’ display surface, wrapping the display around a 90-degree angle in the process. Capable of outshining the sunset with 1,800 nits of brightness, the display automatically adjusts its brilliance according to an external ambient light sensor. In partnership with Level 3 Audiovisual, the Beus Center is also using a custom built digital signage computer system, which allows the University to display a wide range of content while splitting the display into as many separate windows as they choose.