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Magnificent Modernized LGA Airport is taking Passengers to New Heights

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Magnificent Modernized LGA Airport is taking Passengers to New Heights
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Magnificent Modernized LGA Airport is taking Passengers to New Heights

Nanolumens partnered with Delta on a massive project to transform the passenger experience at LaGuardia (LGA) Airport. The newly renovated state-of-the-art terminal features Delta’s largest Sky Club in the world at this time, 37 gates, and 4 concourses with the latest in display technologies designed to expediate New York travelers to their destinations. The sheer amount of digital transformation is astounding with over 102 million pixels on more than 178 displays.

“Now LGA is a point of pride for New Yorkers,” described NY Mayor, Kathy Hochul. The opening of Delta’s Terminal provides a superlative passenger experience, that eases connections and creates lasting impressions with dvLED displays throughout the terminal including 106 displays for indoor and outdoor wayfinding, 12 SQUIDS (security queuing information displays), 25 RIDS (ramp information displays), 20 outdoor monolith curbside displays, 14 Welcome Center displays, and one massive videowall in the ticketing area.

Nanolumens provided LED wayfinding displays throughout the terminal which are run and managed by SITA. The massive dvLED videowall in the ticketing area is run and managed by DeltaVision, along with curbside Monoliths, SQUIDS and RIDS (ramp information displays). And finally, the Welcome Center is run and managed by Parabit.

Challenge and Solutions:

Previously, many travelers would have preferred to fly Delta in/out of any other airport versus LaGuardia, but that’s all changed now due to a massive digital transformation. Once known for a truly awful passenger experience, LGA is now the setting for a best-in-class travel experience that depicts true New York resilience.

From curbside to their gate, Delta travelers are remarking at the convenient cutting-edge technology at LaGuardia. LGA is one of the first airports to utilize dynamic displays for nearly all their wayfinding. This provides them an unprecedented amount of flexibility with their gates and from an operational standpoint, provides the ability for real-time information on any of the displays at any time for emergency messaging, visual paging, wait times and other important data for staff and travelers.

The external wayfinding displays provided by Nanolumens used their Nixel™ and Performance products. Known for their uncompromising quality and versatility, these products can withstand extreme weather conditions, while displaying important data brilliantly to help travelers navigate to their destination. Inside the terminal, gate and other important terminal information is conveyed on Nanolumens’ Engage series product. The ultra-slim design was especially helpful in keeping these wayfinding displays sleek and modern to complement the terminals’ updated aesthetic, while also being ADA compliant.

Upon entering the airport you’ll be greeted with a massive 240-foot long videowall in the Ticketing/Baggage Check area. The backwall features more than 15 million pixels on Nanolumens 2.5mm Engage series LED. This indoor cabinet display delivers narrow pixel pitch for an up-close-and-personal brand experience at its absolute finest. Each airline is represented vibrantly as passengers experience an immersive arrival at LaGuardia.

SQUIDS (security queuing information displays) are also a very prominent fixture within the Delta Terminal. These freestanding totems let passengers know current wait times for boarding, precheck, and Sky priority lines. These real-time digital signage displays are comprised of our Nixel™ 1.8mm dvLED to create a unique 3-sided totem. This display breaks the traditional mold for security gates, which are typically seen utilizing LCD. LED displays allow for seamless passenger viewing experiences as they journey through TSA security.

Also, at this very data-driven terminal, Delta utilizes RIDS (ramp information displays) to convey critical information to keep flights on time. Nanolumens provided the 10mm Performance LED for these dashboards to display flight info, bag information and other operational mission-critical info needed to keep schedules flowing.

Another major area of concentration is the Welcome Center. This space truly drives brand experiences that support the passenger journey and provides support to new visitors to the Big Apple. In this area there are 14 stunning displays that use Nanolumens 1.8mm Nixel™ tiles. The Welcome Center space delivers a sense of place while connecting passengers to local resources and generating non-aeronautical revenue. Nixels were used here as they offer patented frame-and-skin technology to wrap the walls and columns in the Welcome Center with more than 19 million pixels of spectacular content to let passengers unwind.

Ultimately Terminals C and D will consolidate into one facility, spanning 1,300,000ft2 and will be will fully completed by the end of 2024.