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Aetria Use-Case: Oil and Gas Control Room

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Aetria Use-Case: Oil and Gas Control Room
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A large oil and gas provider requires acontrol roomrefit to take advantage of new technologies and increase productivity for their operators.

There are two areas that need refitting. The first is the main monitoring area with a 10x3 video wall and two 2x2 video walls.

There are four operator workstations. Two workstations have 5 HD screens, and two have six HD screens, all are arranged horizontally. Each workstation needs to access and control different servers stored in the secure server room. The second area is a dedicated crisis room. It has a single 80’’ screen driven by a dedicated receiver PC running Aetria Workstation software

Across the control room, each of the outputs of the dedicated servers should be available as a source for view and control. The CCTV camera feeds are decoded on ActiveSQX cards and arranged onto outputs from the VSN. These outputs are then captured by Aligo transmitters, so it is possible to deliver these signals to any screen across the space using the dedicated AV network.

There are also several web pages displaying local news feeds that need to be available, and two SCADA servers that need to be available as sources.

A new dedicated network will be installed to provide high-speed connectivity for both areas.

Control Room Requirements

Video Walls:

Main Control Room
Main Wall 10x3-48” 1080p
Info Wall (x2) 2x2 - 32” 1080p

Crisis Room:

80" 2160p screen


4 x Operator Workstations
Two 5x1 – 27” 1080p
Two 6x1 – 27” 1080p


Secure app servers - Each workstation output provided as a shared source (2 outputs each).

SCADA- Two dual output SCADA servers for viewing and control.

CCTV- 20 IP camera streams on an existing external network.

Web- 20 regional news pages (auto-refresh).


New network to be installed (as part of the project scope).

Main Control Room:

1.The Main Room has 10x3 video wall and two 2x2 video walls, all powered by a single VSN1172, preconfigured with Datapath’s capture and graphics cards. The capture cards are connected to Aligo Receivers, to allow any source in the server room to be captured and displayed.
2.ActiveSQX cards are used to decode 20 IP camera sources.
3.Four operators with their own PC powered by Aetria Workstation software, allowing real time view and control of any of the source on a multi window environment.

Crisis Room:

4. A Crisis Room has a single 80” 4K screen and is managed by a dedicated PC running Aetria Workstation software, providing access to all the available sources.

Server Room:

5.The Aetria Network Manager, a preconfigured appliance, is connected to both corporate and dedicated 10Gb networks. It manages all sources, video wall controllers, and workstations.
6.Four dedicated servers connected to air gapped networks are used to run the control software applications. These are captured and transmitted onto the network by Aligo

7.Two scada sources are also accessed by Aligo.