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The Nightlight with Lotus Wind: Barco projectors vividly interpret the legend of love

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The Nightlight with Lotus Wind: Barco projectors vividly interpret the legend of love
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Puzhehei National Park is in Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, with a total scenic area of 388 square kilometers. It is an 5A-level tourist attraction in China, with rich natural and cultural resources and profound cultural heritage of the territory. In the context of the integration of culture and tourism, Puzhehei combines AR technology with local culture to launch an immersive night tour called The Nightlight with Lotus Wind. The diversified experience is a combination of viewing, interaction, performance, amusement, and cultural dissemination. Like this, it creates new momentum for the innovative development of the local cultural tourism economy.

The night tour project takes the famous local love legend Qidu Wine as the main line. Using AR technology, vivid IP characters are created, allowing tourists to immerse themselves and interact with the story. Using Barco projection and other lighting and multimedia equipment, the projection mapping art show builds an immersive fantasy world full of oriental charm integrating the natural, lotus ponds and cliffs.


To guarantee smooth integration of the wonderland into the natural landscape, the visual design team decided to use Qinglong Mountain as the main projection canvas. In order to ensure the integrity of the image and color reproduction on the mountain surface with ravines and gullies, it is not only necessary to evaluate the actual brightness of the mountain, the size of the image, and the viewing distance of tourists. At the same time, it’s important to consider the coordination of multiple elements such as the light and projection mapping of the mountain top and the location of stage lighting, which undoubtedly puts forward demanding requirements on the product performance in terms of color reproduction, accuracy, stability, and blending.

In addition, the vast curved canvas required the projectors to have excellent warping and blending features so that several images could be seamlessly projected as one complete scene on the curved surface.

Moreover, since the night tour scenes are mainly set outdoors, the various devices must be able to face the significant temperature difference between day and night and a large amount of precipitation in Yunnan with long-term stable and excellent projection performances.


After weeks of challenging commissioning, Barco and the creative time of Luoman Lighting finally decided to use six UDX-W32 projectors to achieve an unparalleled mountain rendering effect. Equipped with 3-chip DLP technology to ensure outstanding brightness, color accuracy, and stability, the Barco UDX-W32 series projectors present the most comprehensive color spectrum, exceeding the Rec.709 color gamut standard, at high brightness with Constant Light Output (CLO) technology, Its unique FLEX function allows the brightness and resolution to be adjusted to a specific display and locked. High lumens and a wide color gamut are key in accurately projecting on the cliffs, overcoming the imaging difficulties of the mountain's ravines and gullies, and truly restoring beautiful images and rich scenes.

In the face of the large, curved screen, eight Barco G60-W8s with compact design and excellent image quality give full play to a perfectly blended image without chromatic aberration through superimposed imaging. And with the meticulous geometric correction to make the image fit perfectly with the curved surface, the projectors present a dreamlike bamboo forest wonderland.

In the challenging outdoor environment, Barco's high-end projectors' superior modular design structure shows unparalleled advantages. Its components can be quickly disassembled and replaced, providing great convenience for on-site replacements and project commissioning. And thanks to the multiple protections such as 24/7 dehumidification of the projection cabinet, lasting and stable operation in the open-air environment is guaranteed. In addition, the UDX series utilizes a laser phosphor light source, eliminating lamp-related costs and maintenance and image flickering issues, providing long life and high reliability. The laser light source of the G60 series not only guarantees excellent image quality, but also provides longer running time and lower maintenance and servicing costs, providing a reliable guarantee for the long-term operation of the night tour project.


Barco's uniquely attractive projection effect blends nature with projection mapping. Covering a more comprehensive range of brightness levels and resolutions in challenging outdoor environments and harsh imaging angles without light loss, the G60s and UDXs create the largest mountain cliff projection show in Yunnan.