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Audico unveils state-of-the-art demo room with Barco control room technology

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Audico unveils state-of-the-art demo room with Barco control room technology
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Audico Systems AB, a Swedish specialist in audio-visual solutions and services for the public market, has recently unveiled its new, state-of-the-art demo space with Barco control room technology. The new demo room will enable Audico customers to try new technologies and make well-informed buying decisions.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the new Audico demo room will showcase Barco control room technology that can be used in many environments, including IT, Security, Process Control, Utilities, Hotel and Facility, Banking and Finance, and Traffic Management. The demo room will demonstrate Audico’s expertise in delivering secure and functional control room technology, and educate customers on the possibilities of IP-based control room systems.

“Our customers and partners will be able to try out these products in a real-life environment, which will help them to make a well-informed investment decision,” says Emil Jankovic, Senior Sales manager at Audico Systems AB. “We are delighted that Barco is helping us to realize our vision and create such a space.”

Control room with the latest from Barco

The new Audico demo room has a video wall, consisting of 6 Barco UniSee 500 LCD panels, Barco OpSpace, a network-based visualization system for operators, and Barco TransForm N CMS, a complete networked visualization and decision support system.

Barco OpSpace

Barco’s OpSpace operator workspace solution was designed for use in control rooms and based on the highest standards for 24/7 operation in critical environments. OpSpace provides secure access to hosts across multiple security domains and enables operators to present information from isolated networks - both IT and OT - on the same pixel space. This way, they can maintain a higher level of security and prevent unauthorized access and data transfer.

Barco TransForm N CMS

Barco’s CMS control room management suite is part of the TransForm N system proposition. It supports a fully modular networked architecture through a set of software components, which allows for easy video wall management, efficient collaboration and fast decision-making in and beyond any control room. The software provides operators and decision-makers with easy access to video, images and data, and allows them to connect to this information, to configure how and where it is displayed, and to collaborate in the most efficient way.

24/7 visualization and collaboration

In environments that require operators to work around the clock, it’s important to provide reliable and high-performance control room technology. “At Audico, we help our customers to build dynamic workspaces, where they can work with several information systems from one location,” says Emil Jankovic. “Our focus for building these 24/7 control rooms is always on safety, function, flexibility, user-friendliness and quality.”