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Datapath drive multi displays at Turkey province police department

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Datapath drive multi displays at Turkey province police department
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Datapath drive multi displays at Turkey province police department

The Background

The strategically important Van Province is a province in eastern Turkey, between Lake Van and the Iranian border. Covering 19,069 km2, the province comprises of 14 districts. The capital of the province is the city of Van, where a cutting edge control room was required for the region's police department to monitor City activity on a 24/7 basis.

Requiring two video walls, with the ability to switch content sources between the two, Turkish integrator Vizyonomi used Datapath technology to bring versatility to the control room, with multi-resolution options for optimum detail when required.

The Solution

The City of Van has CCTV cameras located all across the city, which feed to the City's Police Department to eight computer terminals. Other sources, including news and internal network feeds were also needed for a wider information canvas.

To view comprehensively, a large video wall was required, resulting in a 4x4 display of Samsung UD55E screens in the main control room. Overlooking this area is a mezzanine area with an additional 2x2 display – again using 55" screens from Samsung.

To provide optimum flexibility, a Datapath VSN972 videowall processor was installed, offering 20 outputs. 16 outputs are connected to the 4x4 main hall videowall, with 4 outputs connected to the 2x2 display on the mezzanine. In this way, monitoring can be done much more comfortably. When operators need to watch any detail, they can be viewed much more clearly- in 8K resolution.

Datapath's multi-award-winning WallControl 10 is used to effortlessly manage and distribute sources across the displays.

The result

Datapath support for the project was originally given by Greg Babbs, who now focuses on his other core territories as Andy Lee takes ownership of Turkey sales and accounts.

Andy says: "Firstly, kudos to Greg and all at Vizyonomi in helping to bring this great project together. With Datapath graphics cards, capture cards, management software and processing hardware, we are proud to have played our considerable part in delivering a more efficient and effective control room for the Turkish police in Van Province.

"The displays bring exceptional clarity to images, which makes for easy monitoring for the smallest details. Our VSN controllers and ImageDP4 graphics card are comfortable with these ultra-high resolutions and it is in control room applications that our decades of experience means that video processing performance and reliability is an area that doesn't require any concern."

Vizyonomi's Serdar Sadak added: "The benefits that this new monitoring capability brings to Van Province police are huge. Operators can switch sources and displays with minimum effort and the quality of the images is exceptional. Six months after the original install and we have experienced zero issues with Datapath's proven and trusted technology."

Equipment list

Video processor: Datapath VSN972- RPSU x 1 piece
Capture Cards: Datapath VisionSC- HD4 + / H x 2 pieces
Graphics Cards: Datapath ImageDP4 + / HDMI x 5 pieces
Management software: Datapath WallControl 10 / STANDARD
Displays: 20 x Samsung UD55E-B