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Datapath bring processing power to Vietnam government video wall project

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Datapath bring processing power to Vietnam government video wall project
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Datapath bring processing power to Vietnam government video wall project

The Challenge

Datapath has its hardware and software utilized in government projects across the globe. Working with trusted partners is essential in a smooth and trusted operation and, when the Vietnamese Government required a display solution for an information center in its National Reporting Information System, it brought in VNPT Technology and HCOM Investment Joint Stock to serve as the integrators for the project.

More specifically, HCOM Investment advised and supported contractor VNPT Technology for the deployment of a videowall display solution and the requisite controller system to operate it. Seeing that the client for the project was the Vietnamese Government, there was a level of scrutiny to this project which required the highest level of service.

The Solution

The main feature of the command and control center at National Reporting Information System is a 12x3 LCD videowall made up of Samsung 55 inch panels.

Datapath VSN controllers were a core component of the display system. Bui Van Hai from HCOM explains: "We needed to support 44 input signals from PCs, servers, online meeting systems, cameras and much more so that the government operators could view the information and direct the appropriate response. So, the system had to display all these signals simultaneously on the big screen so that it can be monitored.

"The choice of using the Datapath controller was made because it was able to handle all the input sources we had. It also had a lot of features that deliver quality images, high resolution and stable operations and has a proven track record across multiple control centers in Vietnam."

The Result

On completion, VNPT Technology offered support to the customer to help them begin operating the system but were told there was no need. The end user was able to operate and manage the system on their own without further guidance. "Datapath's management interface is so simple that users easily understood how to operate the system and that is the best outcome," added Bui.

With the project completed, Bui gives his thoughts on how the Vietnamese AV market will progress: "Covid-19 has had an impact on the global market and there have been economic slowdowns. In Vietnam however, we were able to respond to the challenges and were able to overcome them. While we are on the way to normalization, with people returning to the office and so on, I expect some changes to the Vietnam market. Manufacturing from China and USA will perhaps move to Vietnam-based business climate and that will have a positive impact. We have a positive outlook for 2021."