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Digital signage by Datapath displays the best of Zurich

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Digital signage by Datapath displays the best of Zurich
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Digital signage by Datapath displays the best of Zurich


Conveniently located on the ground floor of the main concourse of Zurich Main station between the restaurant, Brasserie Federal, and the Migrolino store, the Zurich Tourist Information Centre provides all kinds of useful information for any visitor to the city. Datapath's trusted Fx4 was the go-to solution for digital signage which engages and informs customers as well as showcasing the area's many attractions.

The Challenge 

Zurich Tourism needed to announce key messaging and essential information in an attractive, clear and visible way to visitors who arrive at a busy rail station seeking advice. Once inside the information centre, customers often want to find out key information quickly and easily or may just be looking for ideas of places to visit during their stay.

The Solution 

Providing essential customer information, while also providing an eye-catching visual display of all that Zurich and Switzerland has to offer, a 19x1 display has been installed to showcase the beauty of the region, alongside key messages for tourists. A horizontal display of the 19 screens curves above and along the length of the counter facing the concourse, easily visible to anyone wishing to view it.
A single Onelan media player has content managed using five Datapath Fx4 processors on the 55-inch Samsung displays.

The Results

Sven Matern, who oversaw Datapath's involvement in the project said: "We are proud to see this large display come to life in Zurich. With its large, dynamic presence, visitors to the station are now left in no doubt as to where they can access their tourist information. The large amount of essential information being displayed also helps to ease customer inquiries as well as show off the wealth of attractions and places of interest in the region."