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UNLV's Harrah College of Hospitality wins big with new 4K media wall

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UNLV's Harrah College of Hospitality wins big with new 4K media wall
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UNLV's William F. Harrah College of Hospitality in Las Vegas offers world-renowned hospitality management and administration programs that lead the industry. The new building for such a respected college needed to bemore than high-end – it had to bring the sizzle.

The Challenge 

Even for a school with the cache of UNLV, technological purchases need to support the organization mission, excite and engage students, and provide return on investment. In this city of spectacle, cutting-edge AV tools deliver, helping UNLV make an immediate impression on the hospitality community.

The Solution 

At the heart of the new AV system is a curved 4K media wall byNanoLumens installed in the main vestibule's corner, with Datapath delivering the video wall control. This AV installation ticks all those boxes and more. UNLV's Harrah College was building a new state-of the-art building for their world-class hospitality department and wanted something dazzling in the front area. The new media wall is a statement piece and more. The 2.5mm pixel-pitchNanoLumens Nixel LED concave display is a knockout. Weighing approximately 600 pounds, and measuring 16.5-feet x 5.4-feet, this wall is an eye-catcher even though installed in a tricky corner of the hall entrance. The pixel pitch and vivid 4K resolution imbue the screens with a truly immersive quality. Used in concert with NanoLumens' proprietary AWARE software platform, the media wall was installed by National Technology Associates. The media wall is extremely bright and easily viewable, even with large windows and direct sunlight.

A bright idea: LED
Now established as a viable alternative to 'traditional' video walls, LED's growing accessibility has attracted the attention of integrators and technology managers .

Impressive wall control
Datapath Fx4, a standalone multi-faceted display controller, is at the heart of this curved digital signage stunner. The AV technology team wanted a solution that could be easily scalable. The NanoLumens media player connects to the Datapath Fx4, and whatever is fed, the Fx4 will scale and push it to the wall.

"The Fx4 doesn't care what it's being fed. They have that latitude and flexibility to give the Fx4 anything they want. The Fx4 is a tried and trusted, award-winning work horse. It functions to process and scale whatever it's told to do", commented Keven J. Yue, Senior Sales Manager, Western United States.

The Fx4 is designed to run 24/7/365 – so is comfortable running without issue. As reliable as the Fx4 is, it is also flexible. It features a DisplayPort 1.2main input and two HDMI 1.4 inputs. The UI allows users to determine which input is used. A dedicated DisplayPort 1.2 loop through output allows users to connect multiple devices. Specifically designed prevent any resolution loss, the original capture signal will remain unchanged .

Be Our Guest
The Hospitality College hosts frequent tours, Alaimo added. Visitors arrive on campus from every aspect of the casino industry and the world to view the new building. The AV team can update content on the fly and add personalised logos to welcome visitors. The influence of this luminous LED media wall is sure to extend far beyond its fixed location in the college vestibule. Keven Yue enthused, "It's perfect for attracting the very best students to join these programs."