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Powerful images and easy maintenance backdrop for Korean TV

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Powerful images and easy maintenance backdrop for Korean TV
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Kwangju Broadcasting Company (KBC) is one of the most influential broadcasters outside Korea’s capital city Seoul. It currently runs an important television channel (on-air since 1995) and an FM radio (since 1998). News is a big part of the TV channel’s output, whereas the radio channel plays mostly mainstream Top 40 K-Pop. Both channels play a dynamic role in their respective markets.

When presenting news, the backdrop plays a vital role as the perception of its professionalism and credibility is influenced largely by the quality of the images. The image itself is obviously extremely important, but so is its ease of use and reliability. In a high-paced news environment, the team must know they can always rely on the displays. So the calibration and ease of adjustments (changing the color temperature and colorimetry when studio lighting changes) are of equal value when it comes to choosing the right display.

Powerful images on reliable screens

To upgrade its news coverage when moving to a new building, KBC was looking to incorporate a new backdrop and sub-backdrop into its operations. The news center was eager to find a solution that matched their image needs while offering high levels of reliability and flexibility.

Their final choice was a 6x2 OVL-708 for the main backdrop, with a 4x3 Barco UniSee for the sub-backdrop. For the lobby, they chose a 2x2 Barco UniSee. Here also, the image quality and reliability were important factors.

Completing the picture

“The main driver for the OVL backdrop was the incredible images,” Joohyun Park, Deputy Director / News center, KBC. Sense6, Barco's unique sensor technology that provides brightness and color stability over time and across the entire display, continuously measures brightness and color by means of a high-quality spectrometer. The color space is adjusted to provide an image that is most convenient for the human eye.  In effect, this means that no maintenance or manual adjustments are needed.

What’s more, the modules’ high level of redundancy, not only of the individual LEDs, but also of the LEDs' power supplies and even inputs, ensures nothing can go wrong, giving the news team the peace of mind they need. High brightness and razor-sharp images complete the picture.

For the sub-backdrop and lobby, the Barco UniSee displays offer superior quality with bezel-less images and automatic real-time calibration for perfect uniformity and hands-off operation. This stability also comes with flexibility, as the displays can be used with a range of inputs.

“KBC is looking forward to years of high-quality, low-maintenance images in its news coverage,” Joohyun Park, Deputy Director / News center, KBC.