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Clarity Matrix And Planar PS Series Chosen for Leading Telecommunications Provider in Qatar

Ooredoo is an international telecommunications company headquartered in Doha, Qatar, that provides mobile, wireless, wireline and content services for business and residential markets. With over 114 million customers across the globe, Ooredoo is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies. Recently, Ooredoo identified the need for a digital signage solution that could be incorporated at several retail stores. Ooredoo wanted to be able to quickly update information, but utilizing display technology would also allow them to better capture the attention of customers and maximize their engagement. By switching to a paperless advertising medium, digital displays also offered the promise of lowering their daily operational costs.
The Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Walls and the Planar® PS Series™ large format LCD displays – were specified and installed by Moseco Qatar, a systems integrator and telecommunications industry solution provider based in Saudi Arabia. The video walls and displays are used for sales demonstrations, as an entertainment and streaming news platform for visitors to the facility, and for the management of consumer and business transactions.

Unique Clarity Matrix configuration creates interest and enhances visual experience

The Clarity Matrix video walls are arranged in varying configurations including a one-by-three (1x3), three-by-two (3x2), two-by-two (2x2) and two-by-four (2x4) arrays. In one store, two video walls are positioned at 90 degrees to each other, forming an L-shaped video wall that appears to be one contiguous surface. This orientation was established to make use of the available wall space and to create added visual interest. The video walls were configured with six-point touch capability, enabling customers and visitors to feel welcome in the company's new space and to learn more about its services.

Key reasons the Planar displays were selected include ease of installation and service, and reliability of the displays. With Clarity Matrix, quick installation and easy service owe to the Planar® EasyAxis™ Mounting System. Planar's pioneering multi-axis installation solution enables each panel in the flush-mount video wall to be precisely positioned in relation to surrounding panels, such that a virtually flat and seamless electronic canvas can be created, with tiled bezel widths as small as 1.7mm.

Planar EasyAxis facilitates panel-to-controller cabling, which minimizes installation time, and also provides a service mode to allow front and rear in-wall repair of any Clarity Matrix display in the video wall. When a display does need to be serviced, any adjacent panel can be lifted up and out, providing access to the desired panel without the entire video wall having to be powered down or dismantled.

Suhail Mohammed Shahbal Al Tamimi, Team Leader – Retail Support of Ooredoo, said his team was also motivated to choose Clarity Matrix due to the display's high visualization, including its powerful brightness and contrast features. "With the ability to fast-change our graphic design platforms, we can now deliver more communicative messages," Al Timimi said.

"Overall, the Clarity Matrix video wall has effectively upgraded our end-customer experience."

The compatible integration features of the Clarity Matrix represented another strong differentiator, according to Abdel Fattah Rabah El Kahlout, Project Manager of MOSECO Qatar. "The ability to off-board the electronics, eliminating the need for outlets behind the displays, was one of the major reasons Clarity Matrix was selected for these projects," he said. "Since all the components that generate heat are off-board, the displays do not require a sophisticated cooling system—any normal ventilation will do. The displays are also lightweight and can even be installed on a fabricated wall."

Planar PS-Series displays meet need for reliable networked digital interface

Complementing the Clarity Matrix video walls is the array of eight Planar PS4250 displays. Installed as individual displays in an administrative area of OOREDOO's facility, the Planar PS4250s give the company a commercial-grade solution for conducting internal company business and serving consumer and commercial customers.

Integrated into OOREDOO's PC network, each Planar PS4250 meets the company's need for a durable, reliable digital interface. Key features include proven 24/7 operational capability, ultra-slim profile, energy-efficient LED backlight, up to 500 cd/m2 brightness, and support for multiple inputs and media playback.

Following implementation at several branch locations, Fattahsaid the Clarity Matrix video wall has delivered several positive results. "In addition to streamlining our business operational process, the displays have helped boost our corporate image and enhance Ooredoo's brand visibility," he said.