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Indonesian Police Headquarters
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Working to replace the audio conferencing system in Police Headquarters across Indonesia, specialist video and audio systems integrator PT. Aliansi Sakti had to improve speech intelligibility in conference rooms in 32 locations. They also had to integrate with the existing video conferencing technology. Ensuring consistent quality and performance across each location was paramount. Each room, although similar in size, had its own unique acoustic challenges that required a uniform solution.

ClearOne Solution
The CONVERGE® Pro 880TA is a complete conferencing solution with a built-in 4 channel amplifier. Delivering comprehensive management features, its configuration tools are simple to use. It can be expanded for use in virtually any application. It’s a complete conference system in one unit.  The project uses ClearOne’s networked wireless microphone. These connect into the CONVERGE Pro; offering an economical, versatile and easy to use system.

Equipment List
Each 200m2 meeting room included:
1 x CONVERGE Pro 880TA
1 x WS800 Wireless Receiver
8 x Gooseneck Wireless Microphones

Results and Benefits
The upgraded video conferencing systems provide dependable and secure communications across the police government network.

Each system has three main uses:

  • Online audio and video conferencing
  • Offline internal meeting sound reinforcement to improve intelligibility
  • Dial-in landlines and PSDN networks for conference members who are still out in the field.

The sound quality has been highly praised and maintenance is minimal.

About the Integrator
Established in Jakarta in 1999, PT. Aliansi Sakti was one of the first System Integrators within Indonesia to provide consultancy and management of information systems & networking. Specialising in Video conferencing, PT Aliansi Sakti enhanced organisational productivity by providing quality products, services and support.