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The Greek region of Messinia in the southwest Peloponnese is one of the most unspoiled and breathtaking seaside landscapes in the Mediterranean, and is also the setting for two new resorts in the Navarino Dunes: The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort and The Westin Resort.

Extending over 130 hectares (321 acres), Navarino Dunes is a stunningly beautiful location. The area overlooks a magnifi cent sandy beach stretching for over 1 km, washed by the warm clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea, and surrounded by lush olive groves and a hillside landscape.


Since the aesthetic feel of the area is so important to the owners and architects of these new resorts, it was equally important that the audiovisual systems be integrated seamlessly. Acoustic Design, based in Athens, Greece, was a natural choice to help with this challenge since they are known for their expertise in designing and integrating AV solutions to the Greek and European market.

"The overall design at Navarino Dunes is based on the principles of bioclimatic architecture," said Makis Tsiftis, Sales Manager at Acoustic Design. "Inspired by old Messinian mansions and traditional rural houses, clusters of low-rise villas have been built using native stone and local design elements." In all the accommodations, clean lines and natural materials were used to achieve an ambience of elegant luxury. Timeless architectural design and contemporary furniture and fi ttings are found across the luxury hotel property.

At the Westin, regional timbers, iron and stone were combined with an architectural design that draws inspiration from the Moorish influences of the Byzantine era, but the stone arches and mullion windows are artfully balanced with stylish furniture and smart modern bathroom fittings.

The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, is reminiscent of a private mansion where refined materials, such as exquisite mosaic tiles, have been used. Interior furnishings are a stunningly avant-garde with tastefully under-stated fittings.

Tsiftis explains that keeping the architectural integrity was paramount. "The project was a big challenge due to the multiple needs for TV installations without interfering with the architectural landscape and the interior design of the project. Instead, we had to make sure that everything was in line with the whole concept of the resort. In general, we had to supervise all activities for a year and a half, so that we could follow the installation process, each step of the way."

Other challenges included working with the contractor's engineers and architects to select the correct mounts for each area and room type, which was made even more complex due to the variety of the room styles. The huge area the resorts spanned meant the installers had to cover a long distance between the rooms. There were also eight different TV models, including LED TVs, LCD TVs and Waterproof TVs, that had to be installed.


"The challenge was to use mounts that wouldn't add more depth or destroy the architect's concept and we wanted all TVs to swivel 180 degrees," says Tsiftis. "So we selected Chief in-wall series mounts with enclosure boxes (PAC501 and PNRIWUB, or MAC501 and JWDIWUB) in many suites and where needed, we used the swing arm wall mounts (such as Chief's MWRUB). Where on-wall mounts were needed, we used Chief's LTAU, FSRVB, or the MSAU."

1010 installations, 377 Chief mounts, 40 suites of AV installations plus two automation systems in the presidential suites were all completed in 45 working days with eight staff members and two supervisors.

"It was crucial to cooperate closely with the architects, civil engineers, interior designers, the contractor, the management company (Starwood) and the owners of this project. Acoustic Design had its own offi ce on site, from April 10, until July 31, with two mini vans full of equipment and tools, in order not to lose precious time and meet our deadlines. The ease of installing Chief mounts helped us achieve our goal," says Tsiftis.


The contactor of the project, Aktoras, and customer, Temes, were so pleased with the final result that they have already started discussing the possibility of cooperating again on their new upcoming projects.