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New MuxLab Products Enhance 4K AV over IP Installations with Advanced Features
Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

At CEDIA this year, MuxLab will premier new AV over IP solutions enabling a custom approach to AV performance in residential environments. IP connectivity allows AV equipment to be utilized more effectively in the home, curtailing cabling costs and streamlining the entire implementation process. MuxLab is investing in leading IP-based technologies to ensure long-term progress. New products include:


MuxLab’s HDMI 4K over IP PoE Extender Kit (model 500758) is an state-of-the-art AV over IP solution that distributes and extends 4k video in the HDMI format. It eliminates the need for HDMI matrixes in multi-room applications. Integrators can design a unique, custom-sized installation for any number of sources and displays, and no unused zones are wasted as part of a multi-room package. The kit includes a transmitter and receiver, and multiple displays can be added with additional receivers. Displays can be stacked and extended up to 100 meters from the Ethernet switch using standard CAT5/6 cable. 


The new Audio/AMP over IP Extender, with Mic (model 500755-AMP) is a transmitter/receiver system that supports dual, two-channel analog audio inputs and a mic input at the transmitter, and transports this signal over an IP network. It includes a 50W two channel amplifier at the receiver, which can be bridged to support a 100W mono output and paired with MuxLab’s 70V transformer (model 500755-70V), supporting a 70V speaker system over longer distances in a daisy chain configuration. This system supports a distributed arrangement of transmitters and receivers all networked together to form a virtual matrix switch allowing connections among all audio sources and destination devices, such as speaker systems. It offers an easy to use management platform with the ability to instantly and remotely send any source to any destination via a web interface, tablet or smartphone.  


MuxLab’s new Audio Zone Amplifier 100W (model 500217) is a Class D amplifier, allowing both analog and digital sources to feed a pair of 50W per channel speakers. Dual two-channel inputs (RCA and 3.5mm) and one digital optical output are provided in addition to two 50W outputs or one 100W output, making it ideal for integrated audio systems. When set in Bridge mode and paired with MuxLab’s 70V Transformer unit (500755-70V), it will support distributed 70V speaker systems over longer distances in a daisy chain configuration. This amp offers local and remote control using push buttons, RS232, IR and an IP webserver interface.


“The new emphasis for MuxLab is taking the lead when it comes to AV over IP with easy software configurations for setting up a network switch and implementing AV in the home,” said MuxLab President Daniel Assaraf. “These products support a variety of formats from MJPEG, H.264 and 4K/60 uncompressed that enhances AV integration in ways we haven’t seen before.”